William George Corey, born in Bennington VT, the home of Robert Frost, Garlic Festivals, covered bridges and 'where Vermont Begins (coined by Bennington, VT).  A twin, family of five children, born in June, Bill is a true Gemini and sees many facets of life.  William "Bill" shares the same sense of poetry and flavors of Vermont culture with his powerful baritone vocal gift.  Bill's prior professional career as therapist afforded him the opportunity to understand the human heart and soul throughout the years.  Now resettled in New York, Bill brings those stories through song lyrics and music.


As his partner would say "...Bill has come from the dark side of life into the light, and is one of the most generous and heartfelt men I have come to know.  Understanding the tragedies and hardships he had to bear, I can feel through his music the human spirit he brings forth.  I'm his best groupie, and forever will be. "


Bill's first album was produced in 1992, with Roger Sherman, during his career as Therapeutic Foster Parents with his former wife.  They assisted troubled youth in a group home in Vermont for many years.   Bill's favorite activity with the children was Marshal Arts, where Bill achieved two black belts.  He's still in contact with several of his foster children, now into their adulthood with children of their own. 


After Bill's hardships (they come in 3's) of the death of his infant daughter, house fire and divorce, Bill relocated to Florida to continue his work in the demanding field of therapeutic counseling of our youth; never giving up his calling.   When his brother fell terminally ill, Bill returned to Vermont to dedicate full time to helping the family through this, yet another, personal tragedy.  Never giving up, Bill renewed his recording interest.   Music had never failed him through his life's struggles; and music was his mental solace.  In 2010, Bill relocated the Northern New York for love.   He, and his partner, now live in a quaint Adirondack town of Schroon Lake.   The beauty and tranquility of this region excited his spirit to record his second album, and is working on a third CD as he simultaneously searches for talent to finish his Rock N Tree production. 


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